Mushrooms Can Literally Make You Smarter

If I told you mushrooms could help you grow new neurons, would you believe me?


Everywhere you turn, you are probably hearing about mushrooms. No, not the kind you add on your pizza, although we do love those too. From mushroom tea to coffee to Coloradio decriminalizing psychedelic mushrooms to Silicon Valley bio-hackers using as a nootropic, there is a reason why everyone is buzzing about mushrooms.

Charlotte Traas
Joining Tonia on the show is Charlotte Traas, Director of Sales Education and Training at New Chapter, Inc. to talk about New Chapter's Lifeshield Mind Force, which already has a cult following. This one -stop brain supplement is perfect for mental clarity for a day that demands focus or even to get through an arduous workout. Made from organic whole life-cycle mushrooms, your brain is covered with Lion's Mane, Chaga, and Reishi, to promote normal brain function, cognitive support, and mental clarity.

By harnessing the intense power of mushrooms, people can use this to work much smarter, rather than harder. It has been shown to help regrown connective tissues in your brain, literally mind expanding. It is why mushrooms such as Lion's Mane, Reishi and Chaga are on the lips of every life hacking entrepreneur out there.

Do you know that we have roughly 86 billion neurons in our brains? For decades, the dogma was that humans could not generate new newrons as adults. Now, we know that humans, like other species, can grow new neurons in certain parts of the brain, such as the memory support hippocampus. 

New Chapter's Mind Force delivers the natural balance of Hericenones & Erinacines through selective formulation with Lions Mane mycellium and fruiting bodies. All of New Chapter's products are designed by a team of herbalists and holistic practitioners in Vermont to unlock the health-giving wisdom of nature, making each nutrient more vital and available for deep cellular benefits.  Find out more at New Chapter

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