Prime Roots, is a sustainable, non-GMO, whole food source, meat alternative super protein company based in the San Francisco Bay area.

Co-Founder Kimberlie Le is committed to leading a sustainable food business that is good for the planet and good for your health.

As the daughter of MasterChef Vietnam Star Chef Chi Le, Kim saw early on how flavorful and healthy meat alternatives could be. She began cooking, fermenting, and brewing with her mother from a very young age and was inspired by the art that goes into fermentation and cooking. During her time at UC Berkeley, Kim started to deeply understand the burden conventional meat and seafood industries have put on our planet as well as the number of dietary related diseases that can stem from high meat consumption. It was at that moment that Kim developed the idea of starting a meat alternative company that would create delicious protein-rich meat alternatives in an effort to alleviate both chronic diseases and our planetary impact. As a Flexitarian, Kim wanted to make delicious products to reduce her own meat consumption, and through the journey saw firsthand how difficult meat alternatives were to obtain due to price, availability and taste.

This idea has morphed into the company Prime Roots. Prime Roots has blossomed into a company that can truly influence America's food culture and environmental footprint at scale. Visit Prime Roots

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