Are you eating to keep your brain healthy? Tonia talks with Dr. Annie Fenn about her new book


New cookbook helps prevent Alzheimer's through food.
Food-loving physician turned chef, Annie Fenn, provides brain-smart ingredients and recipes to show that eating to maintain brain health is easy, accessible, delicious and necessary for everyone.
The foods we choose to eat (or not) sit at the core of the Alzheimer's epidemic. They are also at the heart of the solution. Annie Fenn, doctor and chef, presents a new way to think about brain health: it begins in the kitchen. With her new cookbook, The Brain Health Kitchen, home cooks will learn exactly how making the right choices about the foods we select and cook, and how we eat them, can keep our brains younger, sharper, more vibrant and much less prone to dementia.
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Nutritional Healing with Chinese Medicine - Ellen Goldsmith joins Tonia to talk about her new book


While we change over our wardrobes for the change of seasons very few of us think to change over what foods we stock in our kitchens. Ellen Goldsmith, author, culinary medicine expert and acupuncturist shares how we can help our bodies adjust from the inside out by eating certain foods and avoiding others.

Berberine - Does it help? Dr. Ken Redcross joins Tonia to talk about the latest trend on Tik Tok


Dr. Ken Redcross talks with Tonia to share the health benefits and cautions of the latest TikTok trend touting berberine as 'nature's Ozempic,' including who should use it and how to use it properly.

Ken Redcross, MD, is author of, “Bond: The 4 Cornerstones of a Lasting and Caring Relationship with Your Doctor,” and founder of Redcross Concierge, a personalized medical practice designed to enhance the patient-doctor relationship while providing convenient access to a full spectrum of healthcare services and holistic and wellness counseling. As one of the first full-service concierge, personalized medical practices in the United States, Redcross’ patient portfolio includes C-level business executives, athletes and professionals in the entertainment industry, as well as individuals from all walks and stages of life including college students, young professionals, busy parents and retirees. His focus on developing the patient-doctor bond is a unique characteristic of his concierge services that allows for a more strategic and customized approach to each patient’s healthcare plan.