#Cure Me

We all hurt. There's not a single human being who doesn't feel pain, but sometimes the question why hurt can be more mystifying and annoying than the actual pain itself. Enter America's Pain Detective, Dr. Mitchell A. Cohn, DO, who's out with the new book #CureMe -Stories of real people finding relief from chronic pain.  On this edition of Food Talk for Health Tonia talks with Dr. Cohn about Americans who find themselves suffering from chronic pain, how the so-called "Opioid Crisis has helped bring us to this crossroads we now find ourselves in.

Tonia discovered, through her discussion with Dr. Cohn that  innovation in real pain resolution has been stymied, why it has undergone no real changes since the inception of modern pain management
by anesthesiologists. Through his book, Dr. Cohn provides those suffering from chronic pain  with encouragement and tools to seek out real pain cures without dependence upon medications like opioids.
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My training, like that of all Osteopathic Physicians, encompasses the full range of medical science, pharmacology, and surgery. I have, however, always been drawn to manual medicine, the art and science of using touch to diagnose and treat health problems, especially muscular and skeletal disorders. This Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) has been likened by my patients to a form of ‘Super-chiropractic’ – super because OMM is more all-encompassing, not just focused on the spine, and is the product of training in ALL areas of medicine and surgery.
Since we DO’s can do anything MD’s can do and a great deal more regarding manipulation than many chiropractors, I call us the ‘Elite, Complete Physicians.’

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